Let's start from the beginning: a brief history

Already in the 18th century, an inn was located on the site of the Hotel Le Cigalon. It was one of the first stagecoach stops in the region.

The valley got its name (Little Switzerland) from Dutch tourists who had seen pictures of the Swiss mountains and wanted to go there by stagecoach. On their way, they passed by the picturesque Mullerthal and found these sandstone rock formations so beautiful that they ended their search here. They then returned to walk through the picturesque gorges and to the waterfalls again and again. Since April 2022 this place is listed as a Unesco Geopark.

During World War II the entire building was completely destroyed by the numerous bombings of the Rundstätten offensive, and only the garage was spared. The Grand Hotel Central was rebuilt by the Lenz family and reopened at Easter 1950.

On June 1, 1956, Gaston Kunnert and his wife Mimi Kunnert-Thill bought the Grand Hôtel Central.

In 1957, they built a larger terrace and served meals across the street in the inner park under the large trees. In 1967, the left wing was added. Today's Bistro with the beautiful fireplace.

In 1969, the Kaselbaach was covered and the terrace was enlarged.

In 1983, the young couple Rita and Philippe Stoque-Kunnert started to manage the hotel with Mimi and Gaston Kunnert. Gaston's touristic cuisine is complemented by the gastronomic cuisine of Chef Philippe Stoque.

In 1985, the large wing was added on the right. The restaurant with its fireplace more than doubled in size and 10 new rooms were created. The terrace of the restaurant was added.

The large vegetable garden (lovingly tended by Mimi Kunnert) was moved across the street, behind the hotel, and has grown and become more beautiful every year thanks to Philippe's green thumb.

In 1996, the hotel-restaurant became the property of Philippe and Rita Stoque-Kunnert. Le Cigalon received a French makeover on the outside and the Hotel Central (affectionately called Hotel Kunnert) is the story of the Kunnert family. In 1996, the large suite was created and the old bathroom upstairs was added with a modern design. The fitness and wellness area was created. Since then, a large elevator allows hotel guests to feel comfortable without barriers.

Afterwards, major renovations to the exterior and first floor were made.

The Restaurant and Bistro exude comfort and well-being, with lots of warm colors. Modern, with lots of wood, clay walls and a clay bar complemented by concrete floors.

Rita Stoque-Kunnert and Philippe Stoque and their team

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